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Get Your Medical MJ Card In 1-2 Weeks

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These benefits also apply in States where recreational marijuana is legalized or decriminalized.

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Getting your medical marijuana card doesn’t have to be difficult. Patients are looking for specialized Doctors to open up about Medical Marijuana use and its potential for treatment. Unfortunately, it has not become easier for patients to find compassionate and cost-effective Doctors in their local communities, without downloading apps or running into price traps.

Monthly subscription-based certification services or “on-demand” certifications are known to gouge prices while not prioritizing patient care. In addition, many patients are unaware that the Doctor visit (to get your Medical Marijuana Card) can be covered by your insurance, like any other Doctor visit! It just depends if the Doctor accepts your insurance or not.

With all that in mind – why don’t we make it easier for patients to find the best Doctor(s)?

That’s why we created MedCards, a free directory that helps patients find the most affordable and trusted Medical Marijuana Doctors nearby – within seconds!

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