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Dr Sami Yasin, MD

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Dr. Sami Yasin, MD is an infectious disease specialist serving clients in Sussex, NJ. Dr. Yasin has over 30 years of experience in the field, and is able to certify NJ residents for medical marijuana. Telemedicine appointments are also available.


Q Additional Information

Initial Certification: N/A

Renewal Certification: N/A

Online Certification: Yes

In-Person Certification: N/A

Service Location(s): New Jersey

Q Certification Process Overview

Step 1: Connect with the Doctor/Clinic and request your certification appointment.

Step 2: Complete your certification appointment (in-person or online, you may be asked to submit medical records). Make sure that you (or the Doctor) have registered your profile with the State's Medical Marijuana Registry to submit your certification request with the State.

Step 3: You should receive your Medical Marijuana Certification within 1-2 weeks. Your physical card will arrive in the mail.

Q General Certification Requirements

1) Patients must be legal State residents (in the State you are looking to get certified) and provide proof of residency.

2) If possible, please submit your medical records before your appointment with the Doctor, indicating a qualifying medical condition.

Need help obtaining your medical records? Contact the Doctor's office directly for help.

Q Specialty

Medical Marijuana Certifications